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Freddie Gibbs-Personal OG

April 20th, 2010 by Jamie D

Another dude off the XXL Mags Freshman 10, this guy is the future of gangster rap. Got a chance to see him twice at SXSW this year and he truly does not give a F$%k what anyone thinks, he goes hard and his lyrics are dark as all hell. I mean his ish reminded me of some old school, early 90’s gangster-ish. Plus the dude is reppin Gary, Indiana so I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that Gary has its shade hoods.

Of all the Freshman 10 in this years XXL Mag, I predict this guy to have the most longevity. Why? Here’s why.

Because he doesn’t seem to care about trends, dude just wants to make hard ass gangster rap that he loves and if you don’t like it, tough luck. While other guys on the list like Donnis or Big Sean might be getting much more love on the blogs, and are really great artists, ultimately they will do whatever is neccesary to sell their tracks, Freddie doesn’t seem like a guy willing to bend his artistic values. While this approach may not win him the mainstream fans, this certainly gives him crazy respect from the the hip-hop heads, bloggers, and fellow artists. So no matter what, IĀ guaranteeĀ this guy will be hanging around for a while.

Download “Personal OG” right here

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