No this is not an American Apparel ad for black & white t-shirts

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No this is not an American Apparel ad for black & white t-shirts

May 11th, 2010 by Giselle

(embarrassing admittance coming through the wire…) so i actually once tried to watch that e! reality show called “pretty wild”; i found the sisters are the show vacuous, superficial and low-class and not in an good (aka entertaining) way. then their crazy-eyed momager showed up on screen talking about how she posed for playboy like a hundred years ago and flashed her string thong at the camera and the next minute ok’d a stripper pole for her celebrity-hanger-on-teenage-daughters-with-no-jobs and i thought humanity is going down the toilet right in front of my eyes and i’m watching this loser family and saying “go ahead, take us down the toilet bowl with you!” or something like that. basically, i flipped the channel. and took a shower. and burned some sage.

it really was terribly boring all together except the part about how one of the daughters (top right in the mug shots above, the rest is the crew) alexis neiers got pinched with the other people in the photo for burglarizing celebrity homes, including orlando bloom’s and lindsay lohan’s. yesterday, neiers, after maintaining her innocence for months (aka whining about life not being fair), plea-bargained a six-month term in the clink when faced with the fact that hunky orlando bloom himself was going to take time out of his hectic schedule to appear in court and testify against her.

well, i’m sure her mommy is proud! read more about it here.

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