phoenix tiny desk concert on NPR + sofia coppola film news

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phoenix tiny desk concert on NPR + sofia coppola film news

May 18th, 2010 by Giselle

watch the video of the short-n-sweet Phoenix concert at the NPR offices here.

itunes peeps can download it (and other NPR: Tiny Desk Concerts) for free here.

lead singer, thomas mars, is currently expecting his second child with director sofia coppola. i adore this couple and it’s not just because me and coppola share the same birth date (may 14). coppola is at work in post-production on her next film Somewhere, which Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning. (sidebar: see some photos from the set (um, hi, shirtless stephen dorff in bed) here.)

Somewhere tells the story of “Johnny Marco,” played by Dorff, who, according to press is “a bad-boy A-List actor stumbling through a life of excess while living at Hollywood’s legendary Chateau Marmont Hotel. His days are a haze of drinks, girls, fast cars and fawning fans. Cocooned in this celebrity-induced artificial world, Johnny has lost all sense of his true self. Until, that is, his 11-year-old daughter Cleo (Elle Fanning) unexpectedly shows up and unwittingly begins to anchor him. Johnny’s fragile connection to real life slowly revives in her presence. So when the time comes fro Cleo to leave, his sense of loss is palpable, but the gift of hope she has also brought him leads to a beautiful, poetic denouement imbued with all of Coppola’s remarkable powers to conjure mood and atmosphere.” Yeah, Phoenix is contributing some music. Again, love these two together!

It’s release date is set for December 22, 2010. can you say “just in time for the oscars”?

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