Lolla Day 1, ya beautiful

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Lolla Day 1, ya beautiful

August 7th, 2010 by Giselle

Lady Gaga came with a “message” for her fans to be whomever they want. If that means committing multiple fashion crimes, then I disagree. I saw way too much flesh yesterday—muddy, body painted, cellulite gnarliness. Ick.

Anyway, I only overheard Gaga’s message in the aftermath, though, as I was at the other end of the park watching The Strokes TEAR IT UP. Of course I’ve seen these guys plenty times before, but they haven’t played out in the US since the last tour I attend circa 2006. I was expecting the typical shoegazer experience but this time, they were amazing and explosive. They played everything from “Someday” to “Last Nite,” “Heart in a Cage,” to “Reptilia”. Just lovely and so so fun. The crowd was insane, Julian was epic. Also, Albert Hammond, Jr. is now fine. Not sure when that happened, but wow, thank you.

What else? B.o.B was the first act of the weekend and he might have put on one of the best performances of the whole festival. That guy is the real deal. Wavves were awesome and covered some song from “Encino Man,” haha. I love their sound. Peanut Butter Wolf gave the Perry’s dance tent its dose of hip-hop hits mixing classics musically and visually. It was a must see. He also brought The Cool Kids out for a song which was a big time crowd pleaser. Kidz in the Hall were hot, too.

My Chromeo homies (Chromies) Dave 1 and P-Thugg put on an amazingly fun and funky show (I hate usually the word funky, but it fits these dudes) and I don’t think I stopped dancing the whole time. Yay for my fellow aye-rabs. Chromeo, like Matt & Kim before them, just seem to be having as much fun as their fans which makes it such a happy experience. Dave saying “cream puff” while bring a smile to my face indefinitely.

As far as fashion trends go, the major one is that girls are dressing sluttier than ever. Not sure what’s up with that WTF. I mean, again with flesh, but most of the people flaunting it, don’t got it. And it’s just way hypersexualized at the moment making the whole scene very unsexy. Being half-naked is not stylish, it’s just being half-naked. I do think a lot of it is was the Lady Gaga influence but it’s just not right to see that much pasty skin in the middle of the day. Or anytime of day, frankly.

Other trends hitting a climax at the festival: fanny packs, neon anything, cross-body purses and lots of headbands.

Also, the food at the festival is awesome. Good move picking up on the foodie obsession happening with current times and up’ing up the gastro game. Chicago standouts from Kuma’s Corner to More cupcakes are representing and making me want to hit up the festival hungry. Honestly, yesterday was probably my favorite Lollapalooza of all time. Yeah I said it! It will be hard to top, but I will try.

For now, Warpaint awaits.

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