lolla day 2: backstage phoenix and the lovely warpaint

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lolla day 2: backstage phoenix and the lovely warpaint

August 8th, 2010 by Giselle

highlights of day 2 were plentiful. happy to report that warpaint are as amazing as the buzz they have been generating. they have that haunting, lost in the woods sound mixed with a delicate, dangerous sexiness that seeing them live transforms into something strong and bold and stylish and undone. and lest i forget, fun! dancing and getting down on stage and how awesome it was to hear “elephants” live. so pretty.

as a unit, warpaint seem to be enjoying playing out together and friends and i have been talking about how when the band is excited, it makes the show so much better for the fans and then it’s better for the band, and then the fans are stoked—and then wash and repeat. this band will be playing a much bigger stage in the coming years, i guarantee.

other bands that stood out for beautiful-to-behold-on-the-jombotron musician/fan balance this weekend were matt & kim, the strokes, chromeo, b.o.b. and last night’s headliner phoenix. i finally (!) got to see phoenix after liking them since well, probably 2003 if i remember correctly. that’s a long wait. but worth it.

sofia coppola’s babydaddy claimed it was their “biggest audience ever” and the tens of thousands of fans jumping around to “1901” and singing along to ever word almost to the point of drowning out mr. thomas mars definitely made their mark. they are such a great band to sing out loud every word to, right?

and then, this lucky girl was making her way through the press tent in the late afternoon, only to catch the group doing an acoustic version of “lisztomania” for fuse tv. how lovely! such a nice moment to stumble upon. i tried to snap a photos on the iphone to share.

as a little rain begins to fall outside, i am looking for to the finale of what has been my most favorite lollapalooza festival ever (except say, when i was like in high school and saw alice in chains live. and tool and luscious jackson played on the side stage, but that doesn’t really count, haha.) today’s bands to must-see: hockey, yeasayer, wolfmother, mgmt, flosstradamus, cypress hill and of course, arcade fire, who i also have been waiting to see live for about five years now. all i ever heard is how amazing their show is.

now if the clouds would start cooperating…

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