Kanye, Raekwon & Bieber track in the works

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Kanye, Raekwon & Bieber track in the works

August 18th, 2010 by Jamie D

Yeah, that’s a real headline. I am struggling to even believe I just typed that. Well last weekend when Kanye and Bieber were having a little love fest on twitter about each other, Kanye mentioned how he would love to do a track with Bieber and Raekwon the Chef….Yes, Raekwon from Wu-Tang, there isn’t a different Raekwon that we don’t know about. While the idea seemed, to say the least, absurd I read it and brushed it off as just two celebs trying to gas their followers. Well according the NY Mag Vulture blog, the collab is for real. Kanye called up Rae and they are actually going to do a track with his hairness, Justin Bieber.

I’m not a Bieber fan, I don’t hate on the kid because he’s just a kid. Aside from Aziz doing that online video about Bieber stealing his song, I’ve pretty much kept him off my radar. But doing a track with Kanye and Rae? Reaaalllly? What sound are they going to aim for, and more importantly what audience? Can someone please just get video of Rae walking in the studio with a ginormous blunt and giving daps and pounds to Bieber, then lighting said blunt. Will Rae be the reason we see the downfall, Lohan-esque fall of Bieber? ┬áThe unintentioal comedy potential here is just mind blowing.

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