Kanye West – “Good Friday”

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Kanye West – “Good Friday”

September 13th, 2010 by Jamie D

I would have put all the other people on this track in the title, but that would have been a tad too much for me. Song features verses from Common, Pusha from Clipse, Big Sean, Kid Cudi & Charlie Wilson. This is the kind of Kanye I’m a fan of, College Dropout/Graduation Kanye. Dropping a solid soul beat and just making a feel good tune. From what I’ve read out there in the hip hop blog-o-sphere, this new Kanye CD has the dark passionate raps of 808’s but the sound of College Dropout.

Say what you want about the man but as an artist I say he’s done more for hip-hop than people like to give him credit for. Yeah, he can be kind of an asshole and he’s arrogant as all hell, but that’s what makes him one of the biggest names in music. This is the only comparison I could really think of, but people said the same things about the boxer Muhammad Ali when he was coming up and just ripping through opponents, saying all types of ridiculous stuff that made people shake their heads. Now look how he is celebrated in both sports and American history. I think were looking at the same thing with Kanye, time will only help people realize how rare and unique of an artist he is.

Download “Good Friday” right here

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