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hey 2011: it’s the Year of the Metal Rabbit

December 23rd, 2010 by Giselle
and good riddance to the year of the tiger, which brought swift, ferocious change over these 365 days. rabbit years are much more calming, refined and filled with good luck. (remember those awful rabbit tales people would carry around on key chains in the 80s? so tacky, what were people thinking?? but you get the idea: bunnies=joy luck).

the metal aspect added to 2011, strengthens the rabbit’s resilience and determination. “metal rabbits are more intense in their actions, whether they’re work-related or romantic,” according to this chinese zodiac site.

unlike our gregorian calendar which flips january first, we’ll have to wait until february for the chinese new year to pop off (2/3 to be exact). that’ll give you a bit more time to shake off your NYE hangover and hop into the congenial bunny’s good graces.

read more rabbit here. + tuppence to the person who guesses right where the jeff koons rabbit above was snapped reigning over the masses. Tags:   · · · No Comments

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