Junip on Easter

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Junip on Easter

April 26th, 2011 by Giselle

Easter Sunday the luck of the good bunny had me hopping that warm evening (by car) up to Evanston, IL (or “Evanstone,” as José put it in his precious Argentine-Scandinavian accent) to an elegant and intimate loft-like back room called SPACE, perfectly cramped with candle-lit tables illuminating dark corners—the coziness of which graciously befitted the mellow and urgent sounds of José Gonzaléz’s “rock band” Junip, or, say, an episode of a moody show like “Felicity,” wherein the two attractive characters in a love-torn, back-and-forth finally kiss.

That’s about the best way I can describe the feeling of seeing this charming and understated—but definitely not boring or downer—Swedish band carefully and intentionally build their delicate songs that often start out subtly and solid, then crescendo to much more passionate and fierce place, almost coming undone (or coming together)—sort of like a seismic shift of secret emotion. Junip doesn’t overwhelm or stay far away, they come join you in the moment.

Sure there’s melody, sure there’s an awesome guy playing the bongos(?)/recorder(!) and feeling it, sure there’s tons of José’s coyness, sincerity and humor leading those sweet vocals, but it’s much more than the sum of these elements that makes Junip sing. The best way to grasp this feeling is to watch a glimpse for yourself above or check out these tour dates and experience Junip’s charisma take a hold of your needy soul face-to-face.

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