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Fiona Apple a Day

June 15th, 2011 by Giselle

(An open letter to Fiona Apple)

Dear FA (and on behalf of FA fans),

Sometimes I like to act my age and reminisce with other Gen-Xers about how awesome music was in the 90s. Classic, stand-the-test-of-time albums that came out to become legendary—like the one that popped up on my iPod shuffle this rainy Wednesday morning while making my commute downtown: Fiona Apple’s Tidal (yes, you!)

So happy to be reminded—at the perfect moment it could have happened—so much so that I had to stop my day to write this in hopes of a creating a universal wish that would encourage Ms. Apple back into our lives today (yes, you again!)

Sure I could have chosen to highlight the wonderful “Shadowboxer,” in honor of the lunar eclipse today (shadows, get it) or the tender “Never Is a Promise,” even “Carrion,” that carries us to someplace so surprising mid-way through its frankly frickin’ genius, but “Criminal” just steals that soft spot in my heart.

From the intro bars to the cheeky I’ve been a bad, bad girl to the clunky piano pounded with aggression, dirty reverb, flute (!) and delicate, soulful voice that belts out lyrics like “I’ve got a lot to loose and I’m betting high so I’m begging you/ before it ends just tell me where to begin” (ew-ew-ewew); words that speak for all the ladies out there who’ve been there, it’s honestly hard to say is it the sum or the parts of this whole that make it so damn memorable and moving? And we know it’s a sad, sad world, but how do you get us to want to dance, dance, dance about it?? Mind-blowing. Magic.

The video for “Criminal” also does damage too, as well as stays relevant in 2011. Pre-American Apparel (very pre) but predicting it too, it’s hard to decided what is greatest about the 4.24 minutes. The bushy eyebrows or red eyes, that dank motel in palm springs feel or the after-party whos-in-bed-with-whom-oh-who-cares attitude? Honestly, the list just goes on. Hell, it even has shadows!

Well Fiona, we know you’ve survived more than one-rocky relationship over the years you’ve been gone—and we know there’s carnage. We also know you can mine that sh!t into a delicate, urgent record filled with surprise, edge and soulful beauty. Would you please consider coming back to us to share? We promise to be here and listen very closely.

Love from 1996 and 2011, Giselle

UPDATE: Good news from Wikipedia: Billboard magazine confirmed that Apple will be releasing her new album in Spring 2011 (missed that deadline, hopefully soon anyway).

Woohoo, it worked!! 🙂 Here’s a leak called “So Sleepy.” Now let’s ask the universe to get rid of the rain, we’re on a roll!

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