Lolla Day 2

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Lolla Day 2

August 7th, 2011 by Giselle

Day 2: two disappointing performances back-to-back by two rappers I love: Atmosphere (Slug and Ant on the decks above) and Eminem. So, what gives? Both performances seemed super phoned in and frankly, soul-less. Slug decided to stick to new songs instead of crowd pleasers which is seriously self-gratifying artist bullsh!t; note to all performers: it’s a festival show, please give the crowd what they want and leave the new stuff to the on-the-road bars and venue experiments. I just wonder if Slug even cares about putting on a good show anymore? No energy, same routine, no guests, live band or surprising moments. Maybe it’s just me because I know how amazing he can be. I have so many great Atmosphere live memories to draw from and compare to and that’s what makes judging yesterday so hard. That said, Slug’s fans are so die hard devoted, he could probably just stand there and look at his watch and they’d be happy…umm, kinda like this:

In the case of Eminem, two words: bor-ing! Lots of new stuff again and while I dig Royce 5’9″, really Bad Meets Evil?? That’s what you choose to perform? Rumors of Drake and Diddy and that’s your special guest? Wow. Like somebody said, guess he decided to keep all the performance money for himself. Sure, lyrically and delivery-wise dude is still on point and super tight, but overall, just plain ordinary and straight-ahead and again, I have seen him shine and come alive on stage before, and actually look like he was having fun, so it’s hard not to compare. Whatever. Both these guys seem to be in a level-turned-way-down phase, like they are conserving energy, for what I don’t know, but hopefully it means better things later. We’ll see.

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