who is jack white dating?

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who is jack white dating?

August 20th, 2011 by Giselle

one night in downtown detroit can reveal a lot of local gossip. now you ain’t heard it from me, but this comes from a very reliable source: jack white has been dating olivia jean (both above), member of band the black belles (whom jack is producing a record for).

story goes, jack spotted olivia on stage, fancied her, moved her to nashville, put her in (now ex-) wife karen elson’s band. marriage broke up, they had a divorce party, it’s jack + olivia now. um, i would say he definitely has a type!

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  • That’s interesting. She kind of looks like a cross between Karen Elson and a black-haired Tracee Miller. Didn’t Jack put together the Black Belles himself?

  • How was the source reliable? Close friend of Olivia or Jack’s?

  • When I read the following Buzzfoto Blind Item:

    “This private person and award-winning, A-list actress is hooking up with her ex who is a musician. The two have been on and off secretly since they broke up several years ago. He is in a relationship but can’t stay away from his former flame.”

    I immediately thought of Jack and Renee Zellweger. I’ve never heard anything about them hooking up since he married Karen, though.

  • Does it matter who he is dating? He is an amazing musician, a genius if I may suggest, and as long as it doesnt effect his music, if he is happy, all of his fans should be happy too.

  • i get where you are coming from but if it really didn’t matter or you really didn’t care who he is dating or were naturally curious, you wouldn’t have read the post, right?

  • It does matter that he was a dick and cheated on his wife. Echoing Taylor, how did you know the source was reliable? I’ve heard it from other places too, but I wonder if it was a rumor started by someone who “heard” something and it got out of hand.