the weeknd, “the knowing”

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the weeknd, “the knowing”

December 1st, 2011 by Giselle

This video cray. that’s partially why i love me some weeknd. apparently, “The Woman Symbolizes Ethiopia & all the Evil Dictators who’ve misused & exploited “HER” after H.I.M. (Haile Selassie) (at 2:56, HER is written on HIS Throne).The“Horned” Character symbolizes the Devil (Evil Dictators) who only want to “SCREW” Ethiopia (at 3:06, see fornication in the background), but don’t LOVE Ethiopia….despite the evil deeds of the Devil Rulers of Ethiopia, the HEART of Haile Selassie still beats for Ethiopia, which symbolizes his immortality and his undying love for HER”

You get all that? oh what, you thought this was just bananas meteor storms and primal hooking up atop slo-mo ’80s graphic overlays? Uh, w. r. o. n. g. Dude is actually saying something. With lasers. Figure it out. and it’s freaking shot in “jankyvision”?? are you kidding me? I’m in love. For real.*

*not really. still a hot video tho. enjoy!

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