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April 19th, 2012 by Giselle

I was really lucky to see Gang Starr live a bunch in my New York days (best show would be a battle between one they did for a snowboarding/hip-hop festival in Vermont (anyone remember FRIDGE magazine? yeah, didn’t think so) versus a show they did with M.O.P. at The Limelight, which was pretty epic.

I also got to hang out at D & D Studios and interview Guru a bunch of times over the years for places like SOHH.Com, MTV and VIBE. (Told you I was lucky.) Guru was definitely a complicated and challenging dude—genuinely troubled too—who also happened to be one the best MCs the game has ever seen (who can mistake that flow for anyone else? so unique), making his match with DJ Premier as Gang Starr legendary (that’s unarguable people and few things are unarguable in this world). With Guru’s passing two years ago today, any hopes of a Gang Starr reunion got buried, as well—and that’s a sad ending.

But we have the music and the memories, don’t we? And somewhere in the next level cosmos he’s got Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal for days and forever. So we can take a moment to celebrate and be grateful for that.

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