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wise words

May 29th, 2012 No Comments

“Technically, I’m not a guitar player. All I play is truth and emotion. ” -Jimi Hendrix Technically, you accomplished and contributed more in your 27 years than most people can hope to do in a lifetime. And you were humble about it! ♥


wtf is this

May 29th, 2012 No Comments

just. stop. photo: credit

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not again!

May 23rd, 2012 No Comments

somewhere at the intersection of so wrong st. and hilarious ave., comes this “breaking news” from ron burgundy, that bastion of credible journalism…

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another cool thing i can’t attend

May 23rd, 2012 No Comments

go for me!

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black thought celebrates backpack rap

May 22nd, 2012 No Comments

Tonight (5.23): lyricist lounge 20 year anny + special guests, downtown NY

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this relationship is strictly music like d’angelo*

May 22nd, 2012 No Comments

you all are lucky (or maybe actually unlucky) that i am not self-indulgently throwing up d’angelo’s original “how does it feel” video, here’s the link though just in case ♥ or remember this? lol; and some pop trivia for ya: what famous music director directed that video? so d’angelo has been out of the scene […]

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hip-hop is for the kids: “sabotage”

May 15th, 2012 No Comments

i totally get this heated when playing connect four! anyway, o.g. right below:

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new fiona apple, yum

May 13th, 2012 2 Comments

“every single night” is heart breaking and lovely without falling into absolute self-gratifying musical misery. face it, somethings (and people, and proclamations…) are just worth the wait.

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kim kardashian kanye west naked hotel room picture

May 13th, 2012 No Comments


Happy Friday, aka, get outta my head!

May 11th, 2012 No Comments

“Guts, Grit and Getting *%!# Done” Is this my soma cell or what? Image (and insight) by illustrator Wendy MacNaughton in the gallery space at Ace Hotel New York—love you Ace Hotels!

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